Domaine Grosset 2014
Rhone Blend Cairanne


The word äóÁí_í‡VillagesäóÁ—È on a C’‚tes du Rh’‚ne label indicates a step up in quality. Cairanne used to be one of the best villages in the Southern Rh’‚ne (enjoying a similar soil and climate to Chateauneuf-du-Pape), so early 2016 it is promotedí«í_ to an individual appellation: AOP Cairanne. äóÁí_í‡Domaine GrossetäóÁ—È shows its potential so well. Ripe, rich and fleshy juice with a spicy touch. Oh, and it screams for meat!

Lush velvety fruits as plum and berries, with spice and herb notes.

Unctuous with warm spices, hints of coffee, leather and a chocolately long finish.