Duckhorn 2013

WW92í_Œ‚í__Wilfred Wong of
Duckhorn Vineyards Merlot is always a sure bet. The 2013 Merlot exhibits excellent red currant, dried leaves, and savory spices in its aromas and flavors. The wine's sweet oak nuance is an accent that goes a long way in putting a bow on the package as it highlights the elegance of this grape variety from the Bordeaux family. Drink now with lamb stew. (Tasted: March 6, 2017, San Francisco, CA)
CG91í_Œ‚í__Connoisseurs' Guide:
Very much on point with respect to its varietyí_í_í?äóîíšs classic and close-to-succulent, dark cherry fruit but a well-balanced Merlot with a keen tannic spine and one that never errs to softness or loses its way to pushy ripeness, this continuous, nicely extracted version hints quietly at Cabernet in its solid, slightly tighter structure. It already shows plenty of depth and good range, yet it is bound to impress even more if set aside and given the chance to develop for another three to five years.
WS90í_Œ‚í__Wine Spectator:
Solidly built, with a lively, focused core and aromas of dark berry and spice mixed with sleek flavors of cherry and licorice. Drink now through 2027.
W&S90í_Œ‚í__Wine & Spirits:
Duckhorn takes the soft lushness of merlot and brings along some crisp tailoring. Ití_í_í?äóîíšs a clean wine with stamina, coasting on soft cherry flavor, darkening to blueberry length. A simple pleasure.