Mongeard Mugneret 2015
Pinot Noir Burgundy Vosne Romanee

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Wines from the Vosne Roman’©e appellation are all of excellent quality, as all the vineyards are located on sites and soils that are highly favourable to the production of good wines. Their distinctive quality is the elegance. Structured by discreet tannins and an unobtrusive acid content, they are wonderfully mellow. They have substance and linger long on the palate. Very aromatic, they highlight scents of cherries, strawberries and woodland undergrowth in an elegant combination of fruits and spices.

"Reduction and wood toast dominate the nose at present. By contrast there is excellent richness to the full-bodied and suave medium-bodied flavors that tighten up quickly on the balanced, complex and impressively persistent finish. This appears to be the best wine in 2015 range among the Mongeard villages cuv’©es."í«í_(1/2017)í«í_89-91 pointsí«í_Allen Meadows - Burghound